HUD Homes

HUD homes are homes that are listed for sale by a broker (like other listings) but the seller is not a person or bank, but rather the US government.  Why is this important?  There are some big advantages to buying a HUD home, and some differences in the process.

The wonderful thing about HUD homes is that the bidding process is “blind”.   Your bid will be submitted electronically, directly to the Asset Manager. They see ALL the submitted bids. And because the process is “blind” no one has any inherent advantage of knowing what other people have bid.  This makes the bid submission process very fair.

In order to submit a bid, your real estate agent needs to be approved by HUD. And yes Ryslinge Realty is HUD approved!

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(Important information:  disclosures regarding specific properties can be found at HUDHOMESTORE)

For more information or to schedule a viewing of local HUD homes in your target area, please contact us today!


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    info on $120600 / 4br – 1957ft² – 671 Monterey Court (Los Banos)

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